Do you require your students to wear helmets while riding?

Yes. No matter their age, all students are required to wear helmets while riding. During their first lesson, Three Strides can provide a helmet for the student. Students enrolled in monthly lessons must purchase their own helmet and footwear. Ready to ride? Check availability today!

Do you offer lessons in the winter?

Yes! Our wonderful facility, Three Fillies Farm, has a large indoor riding arena that allows us to teach riding lessons all year, even in cold or rainy weather. The arena is not heated, yet it is connected to a heated observation room where you can warm up and use the restroom. If the windchill is

Do you teach English or Western riding lessons?

The answer is both! No matter what discipline you specialize in, the basics of horseback riding are all the same. Every rider should be balanced, well-positioned, and be able to read their horse’s body language. They should be comfortable and confident while handling a horse on the ground as well as in the saddle. If