3 Days of Consecutive Lessons

Learn the basics or master a horsemanship skill.

Unlike our usual weekly lessons, Jump Start Clinics consist of three-five days of consecutive 45-minute lessons. Adults and kids welcome. Students will be paired with other riders of similar age and skill sets. No experience necessary! Classes will begin at 9am and continue throughout the day. Morning, afternoon, and evening times are available.

Upcoming Jump Start Clinics

September: Friday 9/20-Sunday 9/22
October: Friday 10/18-Sunday 10/20
November: Friday 11/22-Sunday 10/24

Payment and Registration

Fall 2019 Jump Start Clinics are $77.88. Payment must be made at time of registration to secure your spot. Please fill out the form below to register.

**Note: The default ride time for the Jump Start Clinic is 9am (we can’t schedule something on this program without listing a time. Sorry!). Most riders will not ride at 9am. Please indicate your preferred ride time below, and we will find a time that works for you. Questions? Contact Kara at (734) 645-8930.**


Not Ready to Signup? Can’t Make Our Fall Dates?

Leave us a note below and we will contact you about future Jump Start Clinics.

As an adult beginner rider, I was a little nervous at first. Kara made me feel at ease and builds my confidence as a rider.


Kara is so kind and patient with my eight year old daughter.

LindsayStudent's Mother

My eleven year old daughter loves Kara and has fallen in love with horses!