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Now Accepting Horses for Summer 2019

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Have a beginner-safe horse who needs a job? Three Strides Horsemanship is looking for horses and ponies to join our herd of lesson horses. Our lesson horses have an important job. They introduce our students to the wonderful world of horses, and they have a way of making the experience magical.

What We Are Looking For:

Horses who love people. Getting to brush and hangout with a horse is a novelty for our students. Every lesson begins with grooming and some basic groundwork, and the horses who will thrive in this environment are the ones who genuinely enjoy the attention as much as the students love to give it.

Horses who are patient and forgiving. This job keeps a horse physically fit, but the biggest challenge is to the horses’ minds. The majority of our riders are learning the basics of balance, walking, and trotting, and they will make mistakes during this process. Horses who are happy in this program won’t be easily stressed by these situations, and will work to help the rider as best as they can.

Horse owners who want to become our partners. We are on a mission to revitalize the horse community in our area by providing safe, educational, and fun lessons for beginners. Without our partnerships with our horses’ owners, this mission would be impossible.

Every horse has unique reasons for joining us, yet the story shared by most is that they are loved too dearly by their owners to be sold, but their owners do not use them enough, and wish their horse could be ridden more often. They are willing to provide a financial contribution towards their horses care, and we work with them to provide an excellent home.

“We are so very fortunate to have a company such as Three Strides Horsemanship be not only affordable for our nonprofit budget, but also remarkable with the care and attention our horses receive under their watch.”

– Bridget Anderson, Executive Director, YMCA Camp Piomingo

What We Ask of Our Horses’ Owners

Sign our lease agreement. Each owner will sign a contract. This contract will include the length of the lease, the distribution of payments for the horse’s care, preferred veterinarian and farrier, and the course of action in an emergency.

Some form of financial contribution towards the horse’s care. This may be board, farrier, or routine veterinary care. Strong preferences will be granted to those owners who are willing to contribute to the monthly cost of boarding the horse.

What We Give In Return

Routine fitness and lots of attention from loving students. Our lesson horses are ridden 4-5 times per week. These rides will be both by instructors and experienced riders as well as by our beginner students. This will vary based on the horse’s role in the program and the horse’s energy levels.

Adding the names of the horses’ owners to our liability release form. Our liability release form must be signed prior to any student’s interaction with the horses. We are covered by Equisure insurance company, and the horses’ owners names will be added to that policy as well.

Lots and lots of pictures and updates! We are in touch with our horses’ owners on a weekly basis. We send pictures and videos and encourage them to follow us on social media, where we post frequently. It is important that our horses’ owner feel comfortable and engaged with their horses’ well-being during their stay with us.

Our Winter 2019 Herd


Beau is a 21 year-old haflinger pony. He is often the first horse our students ride.

Owner: AK Tails & Trails Farm, Adrian, MI


Chance is 22(ish) year-old off-the-track-thoroughbred. Tall in stature, this gelding is a gentle giant.

Owner: Three Fillies Farm, Manchester, MI


Cooper is a 20-something thoroughbred-warmblood cross. In his old age, Cooper prefers a slower pace. Unless he is jumping! Cooper loves to jump and is a great teacher for students learning the ropes.

Owner: Three Fillies Farm, Manchester, MI


Cuervo is a 15 year-old appaloosa. He is a true “all-around” horse who can do just about anything! His smooth gaits and goofy personality tend to capture the hearts of our students.

Owner: Victoria Guzman, Grand Rapids, MI


Katy is a 20-something year-old Arabian. She greets everyone with a nicker and is a blast for intermediate riders.

Owner: YMCA Camp Piomingo, Louisville, KY


Merida is a 15 year-old paint horse. She is the perfect “step-up” horse for students who have mastered the basics and are ready for a new challenge.

Owner: YMCA Camp Piomingo, Louisville, KY

“I was happy to have Kara use both my geldings in her lesson program, as I no longer had time to work both of them the way I used to. The difference in their physical and mental health has been noticeably positive. It has been the best decision for both them and me!”

– Kathy Swalwell, Owner of Three Fillies Farm

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