Kara has great knowledge of horses and horsemanship and has conveyed that to Hannah. Because of her knowledge, Kara has put Hannah in a position to be successful (at riding and caring for the horse). When Hannah has gotten frustrated with skills she is learning, Kara has encouraged and challenged her to keep at it and celebrated with her when she has mastered a skill!


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Kara is an AMAZING riding teacher! She makes each lesson SO MUCH FUN.  Kara is creative in her teaching. She is an excellent listener. She clearly understands her students, and chooses just the right way to explain things to each individual.

Kara goes above and beyond in her teaching. Besides demonstrating and explaining clearly during the lessons, she sends videos to watch and books to read outside of class time.

I leave every lesson feeling great and looking forward to the next one!


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Kara has been such an amazing teacher and role model for my kids, Lydia and Orli. She’s encouraging without being pushy as well as really kind towards both the kids and the horses! I deeply appreciate this as a horse person myself. Kara is A+++ in our book!


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Kara is an exceptional instructor. I had never ridden a horse before my first lesson, but she made the process so fun and informative.

She’s also so kind and incredibly patient with my kids. She communicates well with them in a way that ensures they understand. She also doesn’t just tell them what to do; she shows them then lets them take the lead.

Her passion for teaching others about horses is obvious. Whether you’re an adult or have children who are interested in horseback riding, you will love working with her.


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Kara is amazing at making riding feel fun! I had been out of the saddle for quite some time, but she gauged my past experience perfectly to make my ride safe, while also challenging me in ways that have helped me grow. She explains everything, gently points out skills to work on, and makes me feel comfortable. It’s been a blast!


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